4 Tips Aaron and Elizabeth Want You to Know

Since getting engaged and setting a date, you have probably been busy planning your special day. Have you given any thought to doing some boudoir photography? It is a fun way to celebrate this special time in your life!  A boudoir session is a good way to celebrate looking the most beautiful you’ve ever been, and is a great way to document the most beautiful you have ever felt.  It is also a great lifetime gift for you and your fiancé.  Here are 4 tips that will help you have the best session possible as well as ensure the best possible images.

Scheduling Your Session:

You should schedule your boudoir session about 2 months before your wedding, this is so you are nice and relaxed for your session.  You will also be getting yourself physically and emotionally prepared for your special day, so you will look and feel your best.  Plus, the excitement and happiness a bride-to-be is feeling before her wedding really shows through in photos.  It also insures we have enough time to get you your special gift!

What Happens:

First you will be whisked off to on site professional hair and make up, where you will get pampered and relaxed.  And yes, lash application because false eyelashes are non-negotiable in this situation!  After hair and makeup, you’re invited to get comfortable and unpack in the dressing room. We will narrow down what you’re wearing, we are a great help with that. We have experience knowing what sorts of things shoot well and look flattering.  Then you will strap on the most fabulous pair of shoes you own, take a few deep breaths and the session will start. 

Camera Ready:

Hair and wax appointments should be schedule five to seven days before your photoshoot.  This will ensure hair is settled and to avoid having any lingering bumps or redness from waxing.  About a day or two before your session you should get your manicure and pedicure, this is a good time to take a moment for yourself.  Approximately one week before your session, make sure that you start drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day. I know that sometimes this is easier said than done, but well hydrated skin will make a world of difference in your skin’s appearance. Also, it is a great idea to moisturize your body with a good body lotion or body butter after your shower and before bed. Don’t forget about your lips, too!

Shopping For Lingerie:

Wedding planning can be all-consuming, sometimes a bride-to-be just needs a break.  What better way to spend some well-deserved down time than lingerie shopping? After all, you’re going to need a few pretty little things for your wedding and honeymoon anyway.  You can choose to model your look after a hot little number you saw on the store mannequin, you can choose to stay simple in a matching bra & panty set, or you can choose to wear nothing but a smile and a white sheet.  The key is to pick something that highlights whatever body part you’re most proud of and to choose a few different outfit options ahead of time.  For instance, if you really love your stomach, then a few different bra and pantie sets are a good idea. If you have an hourglass body, then show off your curves with a bustier or form-fitting lingerie.

Last, but certainly not least, get a good night’s sleep. Being well rested will have a positive effect on your appearance as well as your disposition! And most importantly, be prepared to have a great time. We will laugh, dance, and even get a little crazy during the shoot. Even though the week before your session seems to be full of checklists and reminders, it is not meant to be a stressful time at all. It is a time for you to feel pampered. You will feel re-charged and re-sparked as a woman, and that’s before you see your images for the first time!

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