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What is your name?


Why did you decide to schedule a boudoir session?

For fun. To feel sexy and have professional photos, rather than a plethora of mirror pictures taken on my cellphone.

Now could you tell us a bit about the session?

I have had several sessions! My first was a boudoir maternity session (possibly my favorite one), then a session for my boyfriends birthday, then a couples session, then I did the shoot for Twin Cities Live. All were amazing!

Did you feel different about the session after it was over?

It depends which one. Each one was different. I was anxious during and after the “birthday” shoot, as I was one month postpartum and thought I would like super gross in the pictures. Thankfully, I was surprised at how good I looked. The rest of my sessions left me feeling excited to see the “results”! Waiting for the reveal is the hardest part!! 😀

Any advice you have for future sessions?

Go in there with confidence and full trust in the masters (Aaron and Liz)! The confidence will show in your pictures, and you will be amazed at what they will do to make sure your angles are appealing! For instance, I lost so much weight that I thought my butt was GONE! But, when I got my pictures back from the TCL shoot.. I had a bodacious booty in them! They just know the right angles, positions, and tricks to show you what THEY see. And if you’re worried about an area, tell them! Even if they don’t see the problem that you see, they work their magic to crush whatever mentioned insecurity. I tell them “you better edit my armpit fat!” all the time, haha! 😉

Thanks, and would you recommend us to your friends?

Yes, 1000000000%! Always have!

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