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Hello Everyone!  Today we are featuring our very own Elizabeth.  Elizabeth steps out from behind the camera every once in awhile for a couple reasons.  It just feels awesome to have Jen do her hair and make up, and have some photos taken.  She also wants to feel what it is like to put in the same vulnerable state each one of our clients go through when they come in for a session.  This year in particular Elizabeth set up multiple sessions with a few different photographers, some male, some female, a couple just starting out and some doing it for awhile. What an experience (she also said workout) 5 shoots in 24 hours was a little crazy!

A little about Elizabeth.  She is a Boudoir Photographer and recently decided to model from Minneapolis,MN.  She grew up in the north woods of MN where we met some 23 years ago.  She is a mother of 5 kids, teacher, educator, body positive advocate.  When she is not working on photography or homeschooling the girls she is chasing after our 9 week old GSP.

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Looking forward to sharing about our couples session in an up coming blog as well.

Here are some answers to her recent 4 Girls Glamour interview, she is a women of few words…

Why did you decide to schedule a boudoir session?

Because it’s cool!

Now could you tell us a bit about the session?

You rock! (She must be talking about me)

Did you feel different about the session after it was over?

Yes had a blast

Any advice you have for future sessions?

Nudes, you won’t regret it!

Thanks, and would you recommend us to your friends?


As you can see Elizabeth is short and to the point.
Well let’s not waste any more time and get to the images.
Images by Aaron Vovk, Kyle Burnell and Jen Rozenbaum!

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