Elizabeth | Steps Out | 4 Girls Glamour Minneapolis

Hello Everyone!  Today we are featuring our very own Elizabeth.  Elizabeth steps out from behind the camera every once in awhile for a couple reasons.  It just feels awesome to have Jen do her hair and make up, and have some photos taken.  She also wants to feel what it is like to put in […]


Laura Sexy Pictures

What is your name? Laura Why did you decide to schedule a boudoir session? For fun. To feel sexy and have professional photos, rather than a plethora of mirror pictures taken on my cellphone. Now could you tell us a bit about the session? I have had several sessions! My first was a boudoir maternity […]


Melinda’s Anniversary Session

Hello! Today’s post features Melinda from her Anniversary Boudoir Session.  She is a local pastry chef who creates some of the sweetest convections ever.  When Melinda showed up at the studio she brought not only a few sexy pieces of lingerie but some sweet Macaroons.  It was love at first bite.  We love when our […]


4 Tips Aaron and Elizabeth Want You to Know

Since getting engaged and setting a date, you have probably been busy planning your special day. Have you given any thought to doing some boudoir photography? It is a fun way to celebrate this special time in your life!  A boudoir session is a good way to celebrate looking the most beautiful you’ve ever been, […]

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